How We’re Organized

How We’re Organized

First Church endorses two organizational principles:

  • People want to be involved in action ministry, not passive committees.
  • A cohesive, collaborative church needs integration among all its ministry programs, which favors few structural focal points and many incentives that encourage crossing boundaries.

With this in mind, our organization includes two spheres of leadership:

  • Governance: The top-level tasks of articulating the mission of First Church, strategic thinking, and oversight of church activities and stewardship of resources in the context of our mission.
  • Ministry: The active, “doing” aspect of the church that produces the internal and outreach results that we exist to achieve. We have five Program Ministries:
    • Worshiping God;
    • Growing in Faith;
    • Caring for One Another;
    • Reaching Out; and
    • Caring for Our Resources.

For the First Church Constitution please download below. This document will describe our organizational structure.

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