First Congregational Church was founded in 1739 by the Connecticut General Assembly as the Salmon Brook Society. Meetings were originally held in the home of Daniel Hayes. In colonial Connecticut church and state were one and towns were founded through the establishment of religious societies. The present sanctuary is the congregation’s third, the two previous being located just off the Granby town green and at the corner of Church and Creamery Roads.

Since the founding of this congregation, the fellowship has witnessed two denominational unions. In 1931 the Congregational Church joined with the Christian Church to become the Congregational Christian Church. In 1957 another union took place with the Evangelical and Reformed Church (itself the product of a union) to create the United Church of Christ. (www.ucc.org)

The United Church of Christ celebrates its rich diversity and heritage by embracing the basic tenets of Protestant theology, the principle of doctrinal freedom, and the responsibility of all people to embody God’s call in a variety of lifestyles and situations.

Our faith is expressed in worship, sharing and service to each other and to the world. We recognize our calling both as individuals and as the church to live in the world by contributing to the welfare of all. We find joy and richness in those aspects of culture that help to make human life more human. We work through institutions and laws that reflect God’s just and loving purposes for the world. We seek justice for all. This is the challenge of the United Church of Christ. Let’s journey together!

Our motto, “GOD is still speaking,” is represented by a comma, reminding us that God has more to say; it comes from a letter attributed to comedienne Gracie Allen, which was found by her husband George Burns following her death. She wrote, “Never place a period where God has placed a comma.” And so say we!

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